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Owning a Knysna Yacht Company Catamaran


If you want to leave the land and all its stresses behind to explore oceans, there are many options. The most fulfilling is to own your own dream yacht. Even better than that is having a hand in creating it to your exacting needs and wants. Our team of expert yacht builders will craft your dream into reality.

Build Duration

Our multihull yachts take, on average, 12 months to set sail. That includes all production phases from start to finish; including planning, approvals, building, customization and adding the final

trims and finishes.

Part of the Process

As the yacht owner, you are included in every phase of your yacht’s construction. Throughout the entire process, we will guide you with our insights, yacht building expertise and knowledge.

An Experience Like No Other

Our boatyard is in a world-renowned destination where there is so much to see and do. We invite our clients to visit during the yacht building phase and will customize an itinerary for your trip to beautiful Knysna – a town often referred to as “the emerald of the Garden Route”.

No Detail Unattended

Communication with you, the yacht owner, is of the utmost importance to us. In addition to progress reports, we keep you up to date on details such as your deposit, payment and balance, as well as any other questions you may have during the yacht building process.

Unleash the Voyager in You

Considering becoming a yacht owner? Share your details below, and we will contact you to discuss turning your blue-sky dreams into blue-ocean reality.

shared yacht ownership

Live the dream of being a yacht owner – at a fraction of the cost. Shared Yacht Ownership is more affordable, with lower operating costs. It even diversifies your investment over two or three assets.

Test the Waters

Are you considering shared yacht ownership? Share your details below, and we will contact you to discuss the benefits and possibilities of a smart, savvy shared ownership investment.

Ambassador Ownership

We’re always on the lookout for the right type of people who would be able to represent Knysna Yacht Company as an ambassador. In this way, you would ben able to enjoy all the benefits of your yacht without the full financial implications.

Climb Aboard

Share your details below, and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities of ownership as an ambassador.

Pre-Owned Yacht Ownership

Thanks to our exceptionally high level of craftsmanship, a Knysna Yacht Company catamaran yacht retains its value. We do not facilitate sales directly. However, as the manufacturer, we can advertise credible availability of quality pre-owned yachts.

Find Your Match

Considering buying a pre-owned yacht? Share your details below, and we will contact you to discuss the availability of pre-owned vessels.

Catamaran Chartering

Putting your yacht in a charter fleet allows you to own and sail your own custom-built catamaran a few months out of the year while saving significantly on month-to-month expenses as a yacht owner. All you need to do is enjoy the freedom.

Own with Confidence

Are you considering chartering your catamaran yacht? Share your details below, and we will contact you to discuss yacht charter financing in more detail.

Yacht Construction Financing

Not only are our voyage-ready catamarans semi-customizable, but we’re also able to help prospective yacht owners tailor the financial aspects.

Most banks and financial institutions are only prepared to finance a completed vessel, perhaps even requiring that the boat be imported before facilitating any type of financing.

We offer clients a “construction finance” option whereby Knysna Yacht Company finances 90% of the entire construction of a yacht.

This will allow the vessel to be completed and presented to the owner in a completed state so that the owner can then arrange yacht finance with a financial institution of his/her choice.

Please contact us at for further details regarding this financing option.

Yacht Insurance

As a prospective yacht owner, from the very first moment you encounter one of our yachts, you’ll agree, it’s worth safeguarding. When it comes to yacht ownership, we can advise you on several bespoke insurance options with approved marine insurers, to suit your specific profile and requirements.

Protect Your Dream

Want more information about yacht insurance? Share your details below, and we will contact you to discuss various yacht insurance options in more detail.

Yacht Delivery

Whatever the Request, We Deliver

Your yacht will be delivered to you “on the water” in Knysna, South Africa. Following this official handover, should you require your yacht to be delivered anywhere else around the globe, we have

a network of delivery skippers that we can recommend for this task. Luckily 71% of the world is the ocean, which means getting your yacht to you will be no problem!

Want more information about yacht delivery? Share your details below, and we will contact you to discuss various yacht delivery options in more detail.

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